People from various walks of life reside in the lovely city of Kolkata. Famous businesspeople and government employees, poets and artists, professionals and students—all of them find refuge in the city's massive, pulsating heart. But any city's bounds must likewise grow in proportion to its population to meet the burgeoning demands of its citizens.


Prospective homeowners must carefully consider their options while selecting a location, and Rajarhat stands out as one of Kolkata's best residential areas because of its great access to the city's main thoroughfares. With its abundance of basic infrastructure facilities, such as markets, restaurants, hospitals, and schools, the neighbourhood is a great option for anyone looking for a well-rounded living environment while searching for the best residential projects in Rajarhat. Rajarhat's allure is further enhanced by the availability of dependable transportation options, which bolsters the neighbourhood's standing as the best option for prospective homeowners in Kolkata.

Rajarhat: Embracing Serenity in the Heart of Urban Living

Tucked away on the outskirts of Kolkata, Rajarhat in New Town presents itself as a compelling option for prospective purchasers. This growing area is not only a future centre for education and IT, but it is also easily connected to the centre of Kolkata by well-established rail and road systems. With so many entertainment and leisure options available, Rajarhat in New Town Kolkata has grown to be a popular destination for young couples and nuclear families.


Rajarhat, Newtown, West Bengal, is well-known as an IT and real estate centre that draws in both investors and homeowners. The neighbourhood is expanding significantly and is the centre of many of Kolkata's development projects.


Separated into discrete regions of action:

- Action Area I is made up of lively shopping centres as well as a mixture of residential and business buildings.

- Action Area II, the main Central Business District, is home to apartment buildings, IT business parks, and institutional buildings.

- Mini sub-townships and high-rise apartment buildings are found in Action Area III, adding to Rajarhat's vibrant and changing landscape.


5 Reasons To Consider While Moving To Rajarhat, Newtown

Here are 5 reasons why Rajarhat is the best neighbourhood in Kolkata for residential areas:

1. Affordability

Rajarhat, Newtown is the best location in Kolkata if you're seeking an economical apartment. In Rajarhat, New Town, you can locate high-end and luxurious apartments. Here, you can find 2 BHK and 2.5 BHK residential apartments in Rajarhat at reasonable costs.

2. Connectivity

One of the primary justifications for selecting Rajarhat as your dream home's location is this. There are several well-established transit options in the neighbourhood, including taxis, rickshaws, bus routes, and metro lines, all of which are accessible from your location. Additionally, Rajarhat is 9.3 kilometres away from the airport.

3. Amenities

It is advisable to carefully assess the amenities provided by the project before purchasing an apartment in Rajarhat, Newtown. Security systems, cosy clubs, banquet spaces, health clubs, yoga and meditation centres, swimming pools, and skywalks are all features of the new construction. In New Town, buyers may readily access all the amenities of a contemporary lifestyle.

4. Educational & Employment Facilities

A rapidly expanding planned city in Kolkata, Rajarhat, New Town is home to well-known corporate parks including Unitech, TCS Gitanjali Park, DLF, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, Genpact, PWC, and more. IT workers benefit from this ideal location since it makes it possible for them to live close to their place of employment and reduces commute stress

Furthermore, with major universities like St. Xavier's University, Presidency University, and Rabindra Bharati University opening campuses nearby, Rajarhat is developing into a centre for higher education. 

5. Hospitals and Entertainment

Reputable hotels may be found in the vicinity of Rajarhat New Town in Kolkata, with regards to hospitality. The TATA Medical Research Centre, AMRI Hospital, Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Center, Disha Eye Hospitals, Newtown Dental, and Polyclinic are among the hospitals. Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute is another. Rajarhat is the greatest area for having a great time because it has a ton of private clubs, retail centres, family parks, five-star hotels, cultural centres, and a variety of restaurants and spas.


Final Words

As the former colonial capital expands, new suburbs spring up to keep up with the city's rapid urbanization. New Town exemplifies the relevance of Kolkata in national affairs; as a satellite city, it has made significant technological improvements in town planning and governance that are not yet found in more prestigious metropolises. Flats in Rajarhat, New Town, Kolkata offer a special combination of modern conveniences, employment prospects, and community peace that is difficult to obtain in other areas.



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